Cornerfly APK Download Latest Version v1.142

Cornerfly APK: Mobile phone trends keep on coming and changing. Nowadays, people are resorting to Cornerfly apk that makes their smartphone display appear more fascinating with rounded edges. This application is the latest trend in the market and is recklessly being downloaded by the teenage section.

If you just have a look at the display and screen of the phone,It does not have those around edges. Only the expensive devices come with such a look. The best application can make it happen effortlessly with just a simple download.

What is Cornerfly apk?

Cornerfly APK Download Latest Version
Cornerfly APK Download Latest Version

Some of the online websites claim that Cornerfly apk comes with cool animation stuff. However, we are not very sure about this feature and would ask you to try it yourself. Otherwise, the application is worth trying and recommended by everyone who wants to customize the display as per personal preferences.

The great Application quickly changes the aesthetic appearance of your Device with simple customisations. You can always recommend the amazing application to your fellow friends so that they can also improve their devices without spending money.


  • Corner resizing

You can choose the amount of curve you want in the corners of your screen. There is a limit that you can set for resizing.

  • Corner coloring

The fascinating option for modifying the corners of your phone also comes with coloured corners. You can choose the black corners or any other color depending on what you like. If in case the frame of your device is of white colour, you can select the corners to be white.

  • Notifications 

The application always notifies the users that your corners or round. However, it does not have anything useful. You can just ignore the notifications and continue using the phone or working just like you always do.

  • Improved design

The existing apps in your phone look so much better with round edges. You can apply the settings to a specific app or just randomly to the whole mobile phone. You would find the application working with round edges altogether. The application gives you freedom against those monotonous squared corners and improves the overall look of the existing old device.

  • Impressive Screenshots

When you take a screenshot of a picture having round edges, everything appears more appealing. The latest application for improving the display of your smartphone is rather very fascinating. Just customize the look of your phone from within and flaunt it before your friends.

How to download and install Cornerfly apk?

Cornerfly APK

  • Make some space to download Cornerfly apk in your device and set the settings to allow download from unknown resources
  • Let The download take place and Allow access to the application to modify or overly
  •  Give permission to the application to work

Final words

Cornerfly apk is a good option for phones that do not look very impressive. This is a very nice option to make your simple device look expensive effortlessly. Customize the appearance of the corners your way and have a look of amoled screenIn no time. There are no bugs and a random advertisement to trouble you.

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