FMWhatsApp APK Download (52.2MB) | Latest Version v7.99

FMWhatsApp APK: The profound version of Whatsapp with no Limitations to texting
Can you WhatsApp me? Is this your WhatsApp number? I shall contact you over WhatsApp. Well, these are some things that you hear daily.

Whatsapp has genuinely become that App that is your personalized texting assistant, photographer, a peek into your privacy and your ultimate stop for chatting.

The calls and SMS have gone down drastically, thanks to this App. The App also is your business manager and your communication agent to your client. With video calling, voice clips and deleting messages that sent, some of the amazing features in its hatchet.

Fouad Mokdad WhatsApp (named after its founder) presents one of the modified versions of WhatsApp. These have undoubtedly raised the standards of WhatsApp messaging and hence has raised the threshold of this App.

What is FMWhatsapp APK?

Download Latest Version FMWhatsApp APK
Download Latest Version FMWhatsApp APK

It is a modified version of WhatsApp which is customizable according to ones need. If you have to get rid of that go green theme on the WhatsApp, modifiers are the options to it.

Double ticks, blue ticks, customizing themes based on each chat are the other alibis in this case. And the most popular of their modified packages is FM WhatsApp APK. Get unlimited Emoji from GBWhatsApp APK.

File Info

FMWhatsApp APK

Download FMWhatsApp APK

App Name: FMWhatsApp APK

Version: v7.99

Size: 52.2MB

Supported devices: Android 4.0+

Category: WhatsApp APK’s


  • Since it is a highly customizable app, it has come up with added features.
  • From changing the themes to more secured privacy, this app address all the issues that you have come across in WhatsApp.
  • No unknown calls
  • With the call filter feature, only the contacts in your contact list will be able to make the call.
  • Now you can say no to those creepy and irritating calls from unknown numbers. This an added security to your pocket.
  • You don’t want to rush out of things at work to attend the call that turns up to a prankster, right?
  • Manages your privacy
  • Why are you still awake at this time of the night? You certainly don’t want to hear that from your Mom when you are reminiscing your college memories or is in a chat with a long lost friend.
  • Hiding your online status is one of the critical features of FMWhatsApp MOD.
  • You can now remain offline even while using WhatsApp.
  • You can control your last seen situation and also calling and recording status. And also to all those blue ticks and grey ticks and single ticks.
  • This time it’s a game of tik-tok for you as you can control all these.
  • Lock to all your secrets.
  • Install WhatsApp. Then install another app for locking it. Now that’s a tedious job, and no one has time to manage your WhatsApp and secure application.
  • With FMWhatsapp, the app lock is inbuilt. You can type your password using letters and numbers or even finger lock it.

How Easy Can It Get?

  • Sharing of files and media 16 MB is too less when it comes to sharing your textbooks or work files. With 700MB, all these oversized files can share without any hassle.
  • Oversized Group What you heard is right. You do want to include all your batchmates under one single group which WhatsApp has dutifully denied.
  • You can now add all of them under this fantastic modified package.
  • Modifications to App and life is inevitable. In today’s world, everyone wants that shortcut, which serves their time.
  • Everyone has customized a pizza, with no garlic, no sugar, cheese crust, so why not on their favorite App? And hence FMWhatsapp APK is your one-stop destination to all these cravings.

How To Download & Install FMWhatsApp APK For Android?

  • To download FMWhatsApp APK on your Android device, Click Download the APK file which located above.
  • Once you have successfully download, the APK file directly stores on your file manager.
  • Go to File manager and click install the APK file now.
  • While installation, you will get a popup to enable unknown resources.
  • After that, the App will install on your mobile.
  • Follow the On-screen steps, like Enter your mobile number, OTP, and display name.
  • Now you can add the phone number to your contacts and start messaging to other people.

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