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Subway Surfer APK: We all know how mobile phones have changed this era of generation. There is undoubtedly a part of Games. Every person has some or other games on his or her phone.

You must be knowing some of the popular games on the list of most popular games. And, Subway Surfers is definitely on the list of the most popular games. Well, this game is a total addiction that you will drive you to keep coming back to this game since its way too exciting.

What is Subway Surfer APK?

Subway Surfer APK Download
Subway Surfer APK Download

Subway Surfer APK is another edition of an endless runner that performs the same as Temple Run, but with a few significant twists, which make the game an even more entertaining experience in specific ways.

The plot of the game is that you run across a set of subway tracks as long as you can away from the display, gathering coins as well as other power-ups on the path ahead by avoiding several obstacles such as real trains, light posts, wood barricades, passageways and more. 

To play the game, all you need to do is swipe along with the three tracks, and the twist is that you will be running. You can also switch the character in the settings sections. This game has fantastic control settings. 

File Info

Name Subway Surfer
Type APK
Version v1.15.0
Size 94.06MB
Compatible Android, Pc & iOS
Last Updated Feb 2020


  • There are many power-ups that you need to collect while running over the tracks.
  • Some coins are helpful while buying some extra stuff, then jetpack that makes you fly and give access to short-time relief from the obstacles.
  • Then, some sneakers help you to jump over the train, which you cannot normally do.
  • You also get 2x, which doubles your speed and help you score more points.
  • However, you need to complete a specific mission to move ahead in the game.
  • There is a cop that will follow you all the way while running. So, it would help if you avoided all the obstacles; otherwise, you will get caught.
  • Now that you know about the game Subway Surfer and how to play this particular game with going further, we will see how to download the Subway Surfer APK. Read below to know:

 How to Download & Install Subway Surfer APK?

  • So, how do you get the Subway surfer app on your device? If you get a smartphone where the app is not already downloaded, you