Super String APK Download Latest Version v1.0.31

Super String APK: Revive your childhood by downloading turn based online game called super string. The fighting game is loaded with top graphics and belongs to factorial games and y lab.

Miho is it trying to evacuate people from the face of Earth and the transfer them to another planet because of the Havoc and catastrophic destruction taking place. He has a full proof plan that is helping people to get saved against Evil forces. He decides to borrow some power from superheroes in order to protect humanity.

What is Super String APK?

Super String APK Download Latest Version
Super String APK Download Latest Version

The players have to form a total of three teams in which there are four superheroes all together. All of them have to fight against darkness and play the turn based game with full speed and talent.

You need to remain very alert regarding the actions and attack the Anime takes against you. Take a note when the action bar indicates you to attack. People who are unable to App through the opponent are considered losers.


  • Multiple modes

Choose amongst 4 different modes that include PVP campaign skirmish and raid. Create your own squad and generate your own story. you can overcome challenges to rank and receive more gifts.

  • Super graphics

The game involves amazing graphics that help to run the game very smoothly. The skills of the characters are extremely polished and appear well with the device configuration. You can use a smartphone with higher GB and run capacity to enjoy the game even better.

  • Easy to understand

The game is very easy to understand with simple interesting appearance. The turn based game give the advantage to find out how other players are planning things if you have to wait for your chance.

How to Download & Install Super String APK For Android?

Super String APK

Super string deserves to be a must have phone in your device no matter what. It can generally help you to spend your free time and learn some great bad link skills for free.

  • Do not forget to download the upgrades because the game must work smoothly and lakh free for everyone.
  • The high quality graphics and the background music together help to boost the game manifold.
  • There are new chapters released every now and then to help you maintain your interest in the overall game.
  • Download Super string with the available link on this page by pressing it
  • Do not forget to enable download from unknown resources
  • Let the installation take place
  • Open the game and start playing after creating teams

Final words

Install the Global version of super string in your mobile phone and create teams of Superheroes Neolithic girl Turner and more. The Korean game was launched back in May 2022 and became one of the highest ran digital games online.

It has impressive story line with high quality cinematics that include 3D models. Become a part of the amazing game and learn some defeating skills.

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