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It is talking Tom APK popular application that is immensely loved by children as well as teens. This application is a stress-relieving game with lots of inbuilt games that help the children and adults pass their time with ease and laughs. 

The app also consists of quite funny moments and games to play that can pass your time without even letting you know. This application consists of feeding, bathing, sleeping until Tom grows up in an adult.

What is Talking Tom APK?

Talking Tom APK Download Latest Version
Talking Tom APK Download Latest Version

There’s a specific reason that led this application to be one of the first played games and amongst the list of the most popular ones. This app is loved and played by over millions of people, where you take care of little Tom as a small kitten. Then you help him grow into an adult by performing several activities like naming, playing, feeding, nurturing him. 

It’s a gamed that comes with added responsibilities, and sooner, it not only becomes an app but becomes an integral part of everyday life that you can not live. It is a must-have application that is ideal for children improving the general and verbal skills that will keep them busy for days.

File Info

App Name: Talking Tom APK

Version: v5.5.2.471

Size: 88.7MB

Supported devices: Android 4.0+

Category: Mod APK’s


  • The app is quite fun to play and use that keeps the child entertained for hours without letting him getting bored.
  • Also, it’s an app that can easily be picked and understood. In this, Tom is a virtual pet that needs to be looked after in many phases of his life.
  • Though this app is fun for the children, but can precisely drive some of the adults to go crazy.
  • There is a bit of educational content as well that Can offend you if you don’t prefer making your child learn new things from an application, then it can be a worrisome issue.
  • Also, this application can get quickly old. You might be playing it for hours on initial days, but if you are a type of person that tends to lose interest in the things quite early then you may find yourself looking for another app after using this application for some time

How to Download & Install Talking Tom APK for Android?

  • Download the Talking Tom APK file from t