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Beauty Plus APK: Everybody is keen on making themselves look better in every picture. This trend is especially prevalent in girls who need a whole movie with no pimples and acne flaunting over their faces.

They need a clear and smooth picture on the go. Moreover trends like face filters and editing that nearly changes the face structure of any individual are widely accepted worldwide.

These trends go on increasing and recognised worldwide. However, the attempt to look flawless and fabulous in each photo has reached to an obsession. So to rescue here comes the beauty plus APK that helps increase the beauty and charm of your selfie and lets you get an entire picture to adore on social media.

The trend of selfies appeared on the internet many, and since then it paved a way to become a viral sensation to show a spotless and latest photo of yours to your friends and known.

What is Beauty Plus APK?

Beauty Plus APK Download Latest Version
Beauty Plus APK Download Latest Version

Nowadays, smartphones, as well as cameras hitting the market, are developed, keeping in mind the motto of taking a picture-perfect selfie that receives the spotlight. Also, many other companies like beauty plus are in the cat race of developing new apps focusing on the issue of creating a better selfie to post it on social media.

That a considerable number to count and a wide variety of users that actively use this featured application made by keeping the thought of users in the mind of the developers. The app made with the help of highly recognised beauty artists, photographers, and ordinary citizens.

The application provides just the right amount of pop and subtle changes that other people cant refer as editing cause the effects blend in the photo so perfectly that it is quite challenging to distinguish though.

File Info

App Name: Beauty Plus APK

Version: v7.0.177

Size: 80.06MB

Supported devices: Android 4.0+, PC

Category: Mod APK’s


  • This application loaded with features that are quite common in apps that have a large following.
  • You can find features like Perfect Eyes, Live Auto-Retouch, Skin Editor, Magic Brush along with Professional photo editing.
  • Other features also comprise of the ability to use front or rear camera, selfie timer, multiple facial recognition specially designed for group shots and perfect and adjustable exposure for situations of low light.
  • The beauty plus application is quite natural to use that is capable of turning one into an editing pro in minutes.
  • Secondly, it also added Facebook Video Profile Support that helps you look flawless in the seven-second close up of yours.
  • Beauty plus is an app that always comes into the screen wh