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Google Camera APK

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Google Camera APK: Google Camera has released in the Google Play Store. There’s not much about the Google Play app that should be new for those with Nexus devices running Kit Kat.

If you’ve got a non-Nexus Android device, however, you probably haven’t seen the official Google Camera before, which is an excellent opportunity to check it out for yourself. What is the Google camera, what are their functions, and also how to download it? We will find out in this review. Read below to know the features of Google camera

 What is Google Camera APK?

Google Camera APK Download Latest Version
Google Camera APK Download Latest Version

Alright, so it’s a camera app that means camera apps like video shooting and taking pictures. The camera app arrives with five modes including Panorama Mode, Photosphere Mode, regular Camera Mode, Video Mode, and Lens Blur style, a new thing. The proper methods of video and camera are quite self-explaining.

Panorama and Photosphere Mode are somewhat shaky to use, but you can get some awesome stuff when you get a good photo with them. It works by beginning with a single picture and then to create a complete panorama or photosphere for which you have to follow the dots.

File Info

App Name: Google Camera APK

Version: v2.4.025

Size: 21.97MB

Supported devices: Android 4.0+

Category: Mod APK’s


  • Depends entirely on whether or not you are enabled in the settings for high quality or low quality, processing and rendering can take a minute, but the pictures usually look perfect.
  • Lens Blur Mode enables you to take a picture that keeps your photo subject in focus while blurring the background.
  • This is a popular field-effect depth that people who have DSLR cameras enjoy predominantly.
  • If the blur is less or more, after the photo taken, you can adjust the level of blur.
  • That’s the folks. There is a menu of settings where different resolutions and quality settings can be adjusted.
  • If you were wondering about it, I couldn’t find any options to change the storage location.
  • Now that you know what Google camera is and what are the functions it gives with going further.
  • we will see how to download the Google Camera APK. Read below to know.

How to Download & Install Google Camera APK?

So how do you get the Google camera APK on your device? If you get a smartphone where the app is not already downloaded, you will need to do