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Google Maps APK

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Google Maps APK: Google Maps is a network-based service providing detailed information about the world’s geographic regions and sites. Google Maps offers multi-place aerial and satellite views in addition to conventional road maps. Google Maps gives street views in some cities that include photographs taken from vehicles.

Which is why this guide about how to use Google Maps has been compiled. With our Google Maps tips and tricks, it’s time to bring your first step on the road to mastery.

What is Google Maps APK?

Google Maps APK Download Latest Version
Google Maps APK Download Latest Version

Google Maps today boasts over 1 billion active users, making it the largest most popular browsing software. It took millions of us every day where we have to go but are you sure that you get the most from it? Missing new features or hidden options is easy.

Save your home and work addresses is among the first things you should do with Google Maps. To use it, open Google Maps, click the menu button displayed in the top-left corner by the three horizontal lines and tap your locations.

You will see Home and Work entries. Please enter your addresses. You now can ask Google Maps to browse to Home or Work instead of entering the address. You may also enter searches such as “restaurants near work” and get a list of suggestions that are feasible.

File Info

Name Google Maps
Type APK
Version v10.26
Size 51.9MB
Compatible Android 4+
Last Update Oct 2019


  • As part of the larger Web application, Google Maps provides several facilities as follows.
  • A route planner provides directions for drivers, bikers, hikers and public transportation users who wish to travel from one area to another.
  • The Google Maps Application Program Interface (API) allows website administrators to integrate Google Maps into an open source website such as a property guide or a community service page.
  • Google Maps for Mobile provides a location service for motorists using the mobile device’s Global Positioning System (GPS) location (if available) as well as wireless and cellular data.
  • Google Street View allows users to watch and navigate the horizontal and vertical panoramic images of different cities all over the world.
  • Additional services provide images of the moon, Mars and the heavens.

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